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In 2021, MACH1 is increasing its innovation momentum!

In 2019, at Eurobike show, Mach1 presented its plans for the future, including a prototype of a truing robot with 4 wrenches. What a pride for the Mach1 teams to launch on the market the result of several months of research & development: a new range of robots with the AFT4 on the top, a robot of unprecedented speed and efficiency. But this is not mere advertising, Mach1's momentum for innovation does not stop there: in 2021, new versions of the LTS and MAT are completing the portfolio.

With Mach1, 2021 is off to a flying start! See the proof.

AFT series
1 common platform, 3 robots

AFT4: Advanced Fast Truer.

Yes, but not only.
The AFT4 robot is versatile enough to be able to carry out all the phases essential to a build a good quality wheel: tightening, stabilization and truing. The Mach 1 innovation is the use of 4 wrenches which divides by two duration of tightening phase. Who can do better?
This is the guarantee of the highest productivity, raising up to 65 wheels per hour including tightening, stabilization and final truing. And last but not least, the robot control software, whose interface has been redesigned and improved for fluid and intuitive use, offers real comfort for the user.

Mach1 robots aft4
Mach1 robots aft2

AFT2: the traditional 2 wrench design

However it doesn’t have to be ashamed: it is able to achieve 50 wheels per hour. With the same platform AFT2 can easily be upgraded later into AFT4.

Mach1 robots EZT2

EzT2: AFT essentials for small production

Do you need to produce a limited volume of wheels? Light version of AFT2, EzT2 has been designed to meet your expectations. Performing the same in tightening, stabilization and truing phases, the EzT2 has been made lighter by removing any device involved in automatic wheel loading /unloading. Price shrunk in the same way. Together with a lacing machine it makes a complete wheel building workstation: highest productivity for improved budget and smallest footprint in your workshop.


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about AFT4

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LTS & MAT: 2021 release
faster - versatile - reliable

NEW LTS : Wheel lacing is picking up speed

New MAT : for accurate truing or reliable quality check.